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Mastering Monero

what they say:

Everyone can see your balance

When was the last time you published your bank statements online? Everyone can see the real-time balance of all your connected Bitcoin addresses.
MONERO uses RingCT to protect the amounts of all transactions. No configuration, special wallets, or complicated steps are necessary.

Your internet connection is exposed

Although IP addresses are not stored in the blockchain, snooping nodes can capture your connection data as you send transactions, connecting these transactions to your identity in the process.
MONERO offers easy-to-use private networking to protect its users.

root@mastering-monero$#: ./btc-intelligence –ip
[-] Searching

Whoops! Your payment has been denied

Your transactions are connected to


and they have been blocked.Report this | Made by TrustSpyCoin™

Your Bitcoin could be worthless

If someone uses funds related to your transactions for unwanted purposes, it could render your funds worthless or inferior to other Bitcoin. Your coins could be blacklisted from exchanges and your payments could be refused even if you did nothing wrong.

MONERO is fungible, with all units interchangeable. No one will deny payments based on the connected history, since no one can see the connected history. It is a beautifully simple solution

Ready to protect your privacy?

You can attempt to follow a complicated Bitcoin privacy tutorial with tens of steps, third party services, or special wallet settings. All it takes is one mistake to expose you, or leave you with tainted coins nobody wants. Monero is designed from the ground up to be as private as it gets, by default. It has your back.

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