zglue.com, chipset, processor, apple, ia

zglue.com, chipset, processor, apple, ia

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ChipBuilder 2.0
ChipBuilder 2.0 is an enhanced design tool to build custom chips with the fastest time to market! The latest release now makes it easier to select chiplets from an expanded store, capture schematics, route the design with automated verification, and download your SPICE netlist. In a single tool, you can view realistic 3D models, download a customized Software Development Kit (SDK) and start coding, and place an order for manufacturing through the zGlue Shuttle Program

ZiP (zGlue Integration Platform) lets anyone design a custom, affordable, ultra-small, power-efficient chip for their own smart device using software tools, and have it manufactured at volume in weeks.

ZiP is based on zGlue’s proprietary 2.5D active integration technology which allows designers to stack chips on demand by combining the essential building blocks required by modern smart devices — processing, sensing, memory, and communications — into one chip. zGlue’s flexible silicon platform delivers the most cost-effective approach for individual customization and feature selection

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